Product Name : GQSP300 Hardware Parts Packaging Machine (For Small Package)

This machine is suitable for packaging screws, hardware and small parts.


ModelGQSP300 Hardware Parts Packaging Machine (For Small Package)
Machine size (mm) L2139 x W728 x H1613
( Spec. subject to change without prior notice. )
Sealing size (mm) 300
Packing size (mm) L60~200 x W40~100
Packing capacity 10~18 packs/min
Voltage 1Φ 220V
(Depend on customer's request.)
  1. The constant-temperature sealing makes the sealing tight. 
  2. Easy to operate.
  3. Fast sealing.
  4. No waste on film.
  5. Applicable packaging film includes PE, CPP, OPP,PP and so on.
  6. Controlled by touch screen (HMI / MMI).
  7. It can memorize 25 sets of packing parameters.
  8. Alarm indicator for abnormal warning.
  9. It can pack in 1~5 packs/string.